The Manager's Reference Library

The Manager's Reference Library

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In this set of five books—Meetings That Work, Turning “Outsiders” Into Insiders, Developing A High-Performance Workforce, Work/Life Programs That Work, and The Ultimate Recruiting Handbook—you’ll find quick tips, best practices, and fast-read case studies on the management issues that can keep you up at night. At your fingertips will be . . . techniques for fostering a loyal workforce, the dos and don’ts of managing off-site and nontraditional workers, step-by-step instructions on writing a job ad that attracts only the most qualified candidates, and guidelines on holding productive meetings.

The Manager's Reference Library includes the following titles:

1. Meetings That Work

The more successful you become, the more time you will spend in meetings. Unfortunately, most of us haven't been taught the simple rules for creating successful meetings. Meetings That Work will help you fine-tune your efforts for maximum impact. Whether you need advice on a specific problem or step-by-step tips to create your meetings from scratch, this book has the answers. Adopt just a few simple techniques and you will see an increase in both productivity and the quality of your meetings. (Value: $19.95)

2. Work/Life Programs That Work

"Work/life" has risen above buzzword status. It's the subject of hundreds of best-selling books and magazine articles, as well as the evening news. Work/Life Programs That Work follows five companies through the process they used to create their own work/life programs. Discover why they decided to start such programs, how long it took them to organize their programs, what models they based them on, and what the costs were. Plus, see the impact the program has had on each company and its employees. Use this guide to create your own work/life program or to improve an existing one. (Value: $29.95)

3. Turning "Outsiders" Into Insiders

Now more than ever, organizations are hiring a variety of nontraditional workers—including job-sharers, telecommuters, volunteers, and part-time retirees—to keep the bottom line healthy and the workforce flexible. Yet when it comes to supervising such employees, many managers fall short. Why? Because they forget that, like full-time personnel, these workers need effective communication and motivation if they're expected to embrace a company's vision and culture. Turning Outsiders Into Insiders offers a wealth of strategies and tactics for turning this new breed of employees into a valuable corporate asset. (Value: $29.95)

4. Developing a High-Performance Workforce

Successful managers recognize that training is much more than a one-week initiation and a series of half-day seminars. It's an ongoing process that should begin when an employee first steps through your doors, and should continue daily during that person's career at your company. Developing a High-Performance Workforce gives you ideas to help develop your staff to their fullest potential. You'll discover how to do everything from motivating your employees, keeping them challenged, and promoting them to the next level to turning around a problem employee, helping employees through change, and retaining your star performers. Even the busiest managers can apply the training techniques found in Developing a High-Performance Workforce to create a stellar workforce. (Value: $14.95)

5. Ultimate Recruiting Handbook

Whether you're a manager in a large company with an entire human resources department at your disposal, or a small-business owner solely responsible for hiring, your success depends on the people around you. Choose wisely and you rise with them. Choose poorly and you take the fall. However, hiring successful employees is not as simple as it used to be. There's a lot more to recruiting these days than putting a job listing in the local paper. In addition to knowing how to place an effective, tried-and-true classified ad, you need to know how to hire internally, recruit online, organize job fairs, use search firms, and explore unconventional options such as rehiring retirees. The Ultimate Recruiting Handbook will help you do all of these things and more. (Value: $39.95)

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