Everyday Communication Techniques for the Workplace

Everyday Communication Techniques for the Workplace

By Deborah S. Roberts
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This is an electronic book available for immediate download in PDF format.
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Whether you need help in making a good first impression, writing a proposal or negotiating a raise ... we've got you covered. Everyday Communication Techniques for the Workplace provides simple tips and tools to improve all your communication skills.

This eBook is broken down into four concise and easy to understand sections:

  1. Master Face-to-Face Communication
  2. Craft Written Communications Like A Pro
  3. Use Electronic Communications To Your Advantage
  4. Manage Your Communication Challenges With Diplomacy

You'll learn exactly how to tackle communication problems as they arise AND how to avoid many of the most common communication mistakes.

Everyday Communication Techniques for the Workplace covers every communication challenge you encounter. Here are some examples:

  • Mastering your body language is essential is sending the right message
  • Learn the skills to help engage in small talk effortlessly
  • Build confidence—best practices for conversing with your boss, your colleagues or your clients
  • Tips to choose the best mode of communication so you don't stumble over your words
  • Understanding the top three DON'TS in writing
  • Know your gadgets—when to use or not use electronic communication
  • Manage the tough subjects: negotiations, delivering bad news, resolving conflicts

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