Your Next Speech

Your Next Speech

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This is an electronic book available for immediate download in PDF format.
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As a manager you are often called upon to deliver a presentation or speech. Whether it's a formal lecture to a room full of people or a departmental meeting with 10 staff members—you want to make a good impression. Your Next Speech: 75 Ways to Improve It provides a checklist for organizing, writing, and delivering your speech.

This eBook is broken down into three clear sections to walk you through the process step by step:

  • Writing your speech
  • Preparing your speech
  • Performing your speech

Here are just a few of the points covered in this report:

  • Before you even put pen to paper make sure you ask yourself "what does my audience want to learn from me?"
  • Understand the importance of "power words" in your speech
  • Don't gloss over the detail—give your audience the size, shape and color so they can see, taste and smell it with you
  • Body language is critical during a presentation. Learn how to move the right way
  • Learn the 4 easy tips to ease your nerves before you walk out on stage

Download this special report today and Your Next Speech will help you deliver a presentation that will be remembered for all the right reasons!

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